About Us

Cedar Ridge Organics is a family-run business on a homestead in the hills of Southern Ontario. We believe in dialing back and slowing down to a simpler way of life, both in caring for our land and nurturing our bodies. We combine knowledge of plants and minerals with the scientific make up of our bodies to create natural and effective body care products.

 We are passionate about crafting plant based all-natural, high-quality soaps, aromatherapy rollers, salt soaks and more recently seed kits. All of our products are vegan, cruelty free, sulfate free, paraben free, palm-oil free, and free of synthetic dyes and fragrances. We are always creating new products based on interest and feedback from our customers, family and friends. Ultimately, we are striving to create natural products that complement our biological chemistry so that we can support our bodies in functioning at optimal levels.

We would love if you joined us on our Journey!



Our founder Stephanie Mulhern , grew up in the Hills of Caledon, where Cedar Ridge Organics now resides. Growing up in the beautiful country side has enabled Steph to have an appreciation for the natural world. Throughout her years she has also enjoyed caring for people and was drawn to health care, where she pursued massage therapy and later became a registered nurse. Despite her medical background, she was always intrigued by the design of the natural world and how it was created to work synergistically along side humans. It wasn't until 2017 that Steph started to research and gain more knowledge about the impacts nature has on our health.  Steph slowly began to decrease toxic load within her household by making most of her own body care products out of plant based natural ingredients. She found herself empowered to share her knowledge with others about how certain plants can support specific body systems and soon was making concoctions like aromatherapy rollers, soaps, bath salts and more to help her family and friends. As Steph’s customer base started to grow so did her vision of Cedar Ridge Organics. In 2020 Cedar Ridge Organics was born as a way to share all these body loving products.

Now Steph along with her husband Chris and their 3 children run the little family business, where they get to combine their artistic gifts with their love of nature to create well crafted all natural products that they know you will love!